Policy defies imagination

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I experienced an example of recycling madness on August 18.

Hartlepool Borough Council refused to empty my brown recycling bin because it had some soil in it.

The brown bin is for garden rubbish and this does not include soil.

I visited the Civic Centre to clarify this matter.

I was told I should remove the soil from the roots of plants that I had dug up.

I am over 70 years of age.

I explained that this would be a very time-taking activity.

I asked what I should do as the soil was now totally mixed with grass cuttings and other garden waste.

I was told that the quickest way would be to empty my brown bin into the green bin.

I pointed out that I would be unable to place any household rubbish in my green bin as it would be full for the next two weeks!

I asked for the logic behind this policy.

I was told that garden rubbish is taken to a farm called Thompson’s and made into compost.

He did not want soil.

I was given a pamphlet, issued in April 2013 and still in current use.

I pointed out that where to put soil was not mentioned in the leaflet, and that the instructions on the bins had been removed over two years ago.

I was told that, if it was not mentioned, it had to go in the household rubbish bin.

With everything in the world that had not been mentioned.

I have been an enthusiastic recycler over many years but this latest policy defies imagination.

Mike Lister,

Honiton Way,