Policy should be explored

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I am writing in response to the Opinion column (Mail, September 24).

It concerned Hartlepool Borough Council’s decision to reject my proposal to explore introducing free car parking in Hartlepool.

What the editorial failed to make clear is my proposal was for the council to “explore the possibility” of introducing free parking.

I am not naive to think such a policy could or should be introduced without a thorough analysis of the impact of the lost revenue, nor indeed ways to offset the loss.

I take issue with the Mail’s claim that the council has “played the right cards” regarding this matter.

Our council is refusing to even explore the policy in greater detail.

That is not playing your cards right.

It’s refusing to examine the rest of the deck properly to even see what exactly the cards show in the first place.

The Mail also stated: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

I disagree.

There are thousands of people in Hartlepool who queue for a free lunch every day at food banks.

Part of the reason they have to do so is because they are subjected to the third highest council tax charges in the entire country, and parking charges on top of that.

Councillor David Riddle,

Hartlepool Borough Council,

Victoria Road,