Precautions better than cure

IN the mists of time, the late 1960s, I recall we had the distinction of winning Britain in Bloom.

In those days my mam and grandma swept up outside their fronts, picking up litter without demur.

Women’s work.

This practice promptly ended with women’s liberation and working mothers’ long days.

I feel as though I have picked up my share of our litter mountain as it blows along the street to adorn the beck and bushes in the Burn Valley, although you will not find the cleaning department saying no to extra night shifts.

And what with night street partying and dog fights (Mail, September 28), who cares?

I find it quite refreshing wading through cans and curry like autumn leaves.

So do righteous and millionaire job moguls who come to see what we have to offer.

Moreover, our habits of chomping, chewing and smoking on the hoof is rat heaven.

Several rodents have, I am reliably informed by a local resident, been seen dining al fresco on curry and chips on a bench in the Burn Valley park.

Were our rat friends and neighbours content to live underground all well and good, but the pickings are good.

The element of risk cannot be over-stressed when they have no fear of humans.

It’s not Ratty of Wind in the Willows I’m talking about.

We live with stringent health budget cuts.

We know the risks when we are being careless with our health in these times.

Precautions are better than the cure.

Mrs E Williams,

Ellison Street,