Problems for years to come

QUITE a few years ago we cleared the slag banks in Brenda Road as Hartlepool Borough Council at the time decided they were an eyesore and a let-down to visitors entering the town.

Now we have Able UK with a tip 85ft high and pushing for a further 15ft.

I understand a lot of this is asbestos-related waste.

I don’t believe the land will never be able to be used again due to the materials buried there.

Why was the tip allowed by the Environment Agency?

This is all on the surface, not buried.

I feel Able UK should be made to move all materials above ground level.

Judging by recent history I fear that fires will be a possibility on this site for years to come.

So come on Mr Mayor and the council, get a backbone and sort this site out.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

O Landreth,

Sheriff Street,