Provide home for our heroes

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I would like to bring to everyone’s attention the plight of the armed forces who are returning home.

Some of them have lost limbs and are in need of extra help.

They need to know that we, as a nation, appreciate their sacrifice, and that we are willing to help them.

They need specially remodelled homes where they can bring their families to live.

If every town was to adapt two or three houses this would be a help.

Hartlepool is tearing down houses.

I am sure some of them could have money spent on them to bring them up to standard for these men and women.

I know it will cost money.

But what price do we put on their lives when we ask them to fight for our freedom?

Could we have a day of giving, a flag day, a sponsored walk, or even a pledge that we would give a little in the way of materials, time and effort to this good cause?

I know, I have been looking at the TV programme with Nick Knowles.

It moved me to tears to think of these brave young people willing to risk everything for us.

It must be horrendous to have to come to terms with the injuries that they have.

To have a nice home would maybe go a long way to helping them with their recovery.

I am sure that I am not the only one in this area who feels this way.

Pauline Robinson,

Chelston Close,