Questions of security

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I must ask some urgent questions surrounding the recent visit to Britain of President Xi of China.

I visited the Lowry Hotel, in Manchester, on October 22, for a conference.

Am I right in thinking the same evening the President dined there?

I honestly believe if I had simply taken a seat in the lobby and waited, nothing would have prevented me from confronting him face-to-face.

I’d been through no discernible security checks at all on my arrival.

How would people there be able to tell if I’d been armed in some way?

Putting some policemen outside the hotel in the late afternoon was no security at all.

Peaceful demonstrators I saw were waiting patiently at the kerb-side in an orderly fashion, too shy to just walk into the hotel lobby.

Can we really expose visiting foreign dignitaries to, what I consider to be, the risk of assassination like this?

Has no-one learned from the Brighton bomb?

Nigel F Boddy,

Fife Road,