Real dangers

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The alarm bells raised by Coun Mary Fleet (Mail, January 6) regarding the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) are very well-founded and cogently argued.

In her letter to Greg Clark (copied to PM David Cameron) she highlights the many dangers inherent in TTIP currently being negotiated between the EU and the USA.

This “deal” effectively puts yet another nail in the coffin of our rights as a sovereign nation to decide our future.

With the various other EU treaties having already surrendered our rights to determine our future, in areas of control of our borders and other essential matters, TTIP closes the loop.

It formally traps us into total control of our commerce by the European Courts and institutions.

TTIP is being negotiated in secret, by the unelected European Commission, totally bypassing national governments.

But the outcome ties the hands of democratically-elected European governments.

Yet David Cameron and the entire political establishment favours its implementation.

If this pernicious deal goes ahead, the possible repercussions, such as the possible suing of the NHS by US companies and “back door” privatisation, plus other dangers, are very real.

Coun Fleet is to be applauded for raising the issue.

However, I can only say that she, and others who see the dangers of TTIP, link this danger to our membership of the EU.

Only by voting to leave in the forthcoming referendum can this and the already existing dangers of our membership, be avoided.

William Dartmouth, Ukip MEP, has written an excellent, in-depth appraisal of TTIP and its dangers.

I recommend you obtain a copy via the Ukip website.

Dave Pascoe,

Ukip press Secretary,

Hartlepool branch.