Rec dog run welcomed

I HAVE lived in the Oxford Road area for 20 years.

Having had dogs most of my married life I enjoyed exercising them and also myself three times a day.

Over the years I have made friends with some lovely people.

We have made sure to clean up after our pets. We have also picked up hundreds of glass bottles so they couldn’t be smashed.

At times there have been up to nine of us enjoying each other’s company and putting the world to rights. Also doing good turns for each other.

For two years, due in part to dirty dog owners, we have had to keep our dogs on the lead.

If you have a young energetic dog a walk on the lead is not enough. Consequently our friendly get-togethers have come to an end.

For some of us this meeting was our social life.

The Rift House Rec is now deserted. Only the weekend sportsmen, who seem to leave more litter than we ever did, use it.

I have heard that when funds are available we may get some of the Rec fenced off for a dog run.

Unfortunately, while funds are being used to pay for a mayor and what I consider to be other non-worthwhile projects, some of us may have passed on to a better and fairer place.

Joan Scott,

Sheridan Grove,