Resident parking permit price rise puzzler

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Research by esure car insurance (Mail, April 30, 2016) rated Hartlepool the best place for residential parking in the UK – I beg to differ.

Hartlepool Borough Council has claimed the research showed that its long-standing commitment to providing residential parking had paid off.

It also said that it understood parking controls, and permits play a huge part in keeping Hartlepool’s roads safe and clear.

I see it as financial gain.

It clearly states “resident permit holders only” on the parking plates.

I would like to know why permits have risen so much?

Four permits used to be £20, now they are £65, while any further permits are £30 each, just to park in my own street.


We have not heard from any of the three ward councillors.

A complete waste of public money.

Mr O Landreth,

Sheriff Street,