Riddle support

THE recent furore and subsequent curtailment of supplementary questions being asked by the residents of Hartlepool is an affront to every man, woman and child presiding in and out of our town.

The issue was brought into sharp focus when it was mentioned by member of the public David Riddle at a recent council meeting.

There are stories that when anyone questioned the views of prominent councillors in the past that their bosses would receive a phone call or visit.

I really thought such episodes were consigned to the past.

Not so.

When Mr Riddle spoke up at a council meeting I was impressed by his clarity and decisiveness.

Mr Riddle was then allowed at that meeting to ask supplementary questions.

But a Labour councillor was not happy about this.

We later found out that Coun Ged Hall contacted Mr Riddle’s place of work.

The fact that the council has now seen fit to stop anyone asking their own questions must again be a violation of every resident of Hartlepool who wishes to pose relevant and pertinent questions in the future.

It would also be helpful if councillors remembered they are there in council to uphold the rights of the people who chose them to do just that.

The recent edict from the council that it would like marches to start again honouring civic pride will not encourage our people to attend when everything is being taken away from them.

So the only marches I will now attend will be for our veterans and armed forces commemorations.

Obviously any marches by the young people and workers’ industrial day will always be well attended.

So please remember the men and women of our little town of Hartlepool who fought in two world wars to preserve and uphold our freedom and democratic rights.

Many lost their lives and countless others lost their limbs and suffered horrific mental anguish to retain our peace.

We must never forget their sacrifice or the sacrifice of our armed forces that faced untold misery in Afghanistan and other far flung places to uphold our peace and security and our God-given democratic rights.

Well folks, it is up to you now because my mother always told me that he who pays the piper calls the piper’s tune.

So seeing as you all pay the piper it is time for you to name the piper’s tune.

Jean Kennedy,

Waldon Street,