Safety advice

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The Institute of Advanced Motorists is offering advice to drivers about sharing the road safely with others.

When driving in busy town centres be aware there may be little or no pavement in some areas.

Give those who have restricted mobility the extra time and space they need to use the road.

Keep your eyes peeled when driving near schools.

Children can be hard to see, especially during darker hours of the day. Expect the unexpected.

Always think about where you park your vehicle. Is it in a safe and legal place?

You should also make sure it is not obstructing a dropped kerb and does not restrict the view of a vulnerable road user.

Try to avoid parking within 10m of a junction and in residential areas at night.

Try to park so your vehicle is facing the same direction as the flow of traffic.

In heavy traffic, cyclists may filter on either side of you.

Check your mirrors and blind spots before you change position or change speed.

Allow more room when passing cyclists and anticipate the sudden movement of cyclists trying to avoid drains or uneven road surfaces.

Avoid following them too closely and give cyclists enough time to move off safely at junctions and traffic lights.

Motorcyclists are harder to spot at junctions.

Be prepared to slow down as you approach a junction, give motorcyclists extra space and don’t forget to check your mirrors and blind spots.

Mobility scooters are most vulnerable at road junctions and roundabouts.

They may have restricted movement, vision or hearing.

Give these vulnerable road users plenty of space.

This is all about being aware there are more than just drivers on the roads.

Mark Lewis,

Institute of Advanced Motorists,

Chiswick High Road,