Same could be said of the council

OUR MP’s column (Mail, August 18), headed Missing the buses, really does miss the point.

It is an interesting intellectual argument about the benefits of transport regulation.

However, I think it completely fails to address the crucial and immediate question of his constituents isolated by Hartlepool Borough Council’s decision to do away with bus service subsidies which renders the bus passes of our elderly worthless.

Elwick does not want an around the clock bus service but one which will give those of us who don’t have cars and who cannot afford taxis access to the basic services such as doctors, dentists and grocery shopping which make ours a civilised society.

Iain Wright suggests that bus services are not being run in the interests of the passenger.

But the same could be said of the council which has abandoned the old, the young and the disabled to a life with no public transport.

Can our councillors or MP expect those people living on a pension to be able to live without the buses? But they seem to do.

For want of a subsidy of £15,000 per year, we condemn the most vulnerable people to the isolation they are experiencing.

Elderly people who cannot drive, who live on a pension and need services miles away cannot afford taxi fares but have no alternative.

Surely our society must support a bus service for a few days a week to allow the elderly and disabled use of their bus passes.

Or maybe it is a council strategy to help David Cameron keep his election promise not to get rid of free bus passes for the elderly.

They are simply getting rid of the buses.

Chris Banks,

Elwick Parish Council,