Seeking views about strokes

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Over 16,200 people in the North East are currently living with the devastating effects of stroke.

It happens in an instant, yet this devastating condition can affect people physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives.

The long-term effects can often take a huge toll on partners, carers and families too.

We are calling on stroke survivors, their carers and stroke professionals across the North East to take part in a national survey and tell us about their experiences of stroke.

As resources for health care in the region become increasingly stretched, we want stroke treatment, therapy and care to remain a priority.

If any readers have had a stroke, or care for someone who has had a stroke, we would like to hear their views.

The closing date for our survey is March 31.

It can be completed online at or you can contact the Stroke Association on 020 7566 1535 to obtain a copy.

Peter Moore,

Regional Director North East,

The Stroke Association,

C/o Pendleton Way,