Shape services for children

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If we are serious about transforming the life chances of the most vulnerable children, we need to change the way we deliver children’s services.

We think that in the years ahead there won’t be enough resources to meet the expected demand, so we need a systemic rethink. Although local authorities will always have the ultimate responsibility, the voluntary sector has an absolutely vital role to play too. But at present scarce resources can be used looking for short-term fixes and sticking plaster solutions.

Instead we want to urge national and local government to work with voluntary sector organisations like Barnardo’s in strategic partnerships to achieve long lasting change. We want to be working with local authorities as partners.

To be around the table when the problems are identified and help find the best solutions together.

We want to be able to share our insight, our experience and our understanding of local communities.

Most of all, in our 150th year, we want to play our part in shaping services, so that children and young people know we believe in them and will support them.

Steve Oversby,


Barnardo’s East Region,

C/o Tanners Lane,