She May have the answers

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Theresa May, our newly appointed Prime Minister, may surprise us all in the long term.

She has promised unreservedly to honour the demands of the Brexiters.

After all, if it hadn’t been for the referendum she would never have been appointed Prime Minister.

In that respect she has a duty of commitment to uphold.

Her track record and experience in government should prove invaluable to the quick and complicated severance from the European Union.

Another advantageous factor is that, over time in Parliament, she will have observed close hand the liabilities of the Parliamentary “bubble”.

No doubt she will purge out the dead wood – the complacent bureaucrats and quangos which have lingered for too long – and replace them with some with proven abilities.

She also possesses the necessary steely resolve to carry out these necessary motions without the constraints of a contradictory boss.

It is about time for a long-awaited change in government.

“Maggie May” may be the answer.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,