Show them no mercy

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The “Islamic state” situation is out of hand, and is growing.

The cabinet, as usual, is dithering, playing the waiting game.

It is now a matter for world intervention, not just for a dad’s army response from certain affected countries.

We urgently need a combined global army of qualified military professionals from all leading nations opposed to this murderous regime.

And a war chest of unlimited funds to finance this project.

This army should have at its disposal the latest state of the art weaponry and equipment.

No expense should be spared.

Although a united global effort, every country should have its own commanding officer, answerable to a central intelligence unit supervising overall direction and strategy.

The army could descend on any given designated area and ruthlessly clear out the insurgents, showing no quarter.

Doling out the same ruthless tactics which the terrorists employ.

Unfortunately, a lot of innocent people caught up in the fighting would perish as a result.

The side-liners, do-gooders, religious fanatics, human rights brigade would be up in arms.

But, like the bombing of Dresden in the Second World War, harsh judgements have to be made that bring results and focus the mind.

At that particular time we had real leaders of men, making unpleasant but necessary decisions.

Not, what I consider to be, a bunch of soft, ineffectual former college boys, who seem to be scared of their own shadows.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,