Showing how much we care

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On June 17, a group of Hartlepool constituents travelled to London as part of Britain’s biggest ever lobby on climate change.

According to the Climate Coalition, which is comprised of charities, unions and faith groups, about 9,000 constituents from all parts of the UK lobbied around 300 MPs.

The group from Hartlepool met Hartlepool MP Iain Wright outside of the Houses of Parliament to express their views on a variety of climate issues, and to urge him to voice these concerns inside Parliament.

Some very important decisions will be made later in the year internationally about issues to tackle climate change.

It is important the Government is aware of popular feeling.

It also gave us the chance to voice our concerns about the Government’s recently announced reductions in green energy subsidies.

We were very disappointed that climate change did not feature more highly in the election campaign.

So this was an opportunity to show how much people care about the issue.

We hope that this mass lobby will influence future decision-making by the Government.

Keith Gorton,

West Park,