So grateful for help

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On December 10 I was in Middleton Grange shopping centre with my husband.

I left him sat on a seat while I finished off my shopping.

Unfortunately I somehow found myself on the floor, my lip cut, my chin grazed and, as you can imagine, quite shook up.

I remember seeing a group of teenagers before I fell.

After I fell one lad came over, gave me a tissue for my lip another one gently put a coat under my head.

I suddenly remembered about my husband.

Two of these teenagers went and found him and brought him to my side.

By then the security people arrived.

I would like to thank these teenagers who I do not have the names of.

You hear that many stories of people being afraid of going near young people.

However I know that this group, whom I believe go to one of the nearby colleges, were nothing but reassuring and helpful.

Their parents must be very proud of the way they looked after me.

A credit to the young people of this town.

Once again my husband and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you are very proud of yourselves.

Nora Wincup,

Laurel Gardens,