Soaked as Seaton Carew bus didn’t turn up

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I have to express my sheer disgust at bus company, Stagecoach.

On January 16 I waited outside of Morrisons for the 10.21am Seaton Carew bus.

It didn’t turn up.

So I waited for the 10.31am bus, which was late and decided to turn up at 10.40am.

I was standing in the rain, so it was not pleasant, waiting 25 minutes while getting drenched.

The Number One service has to be the worst Stagecoach do.

It is very unreliable.

Sometimes three buses can be dropped out of the timetable, then three turn up together.

Stagecoach, get your act together.

This has been going on too long now.

Some discipline is needed here to provide what the timetable says.

A bus every 10 minutes, and not when you fancy showing an appearance at the bus stops.

Mr Gillies,