Sovereignty is at stake

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The EU open borders policy has been exposed in the most tragic manner by the recent events in Paris.

Closer to home, aspects of this unchecked, unlimited free movement/immigration, were very ably highlighted by two regular correspondents, Mr Bearby and Fred Gibbon (Mail, November 18).

Both Mr Bearby and Mr Gibbon have often, very eloquently, drawn attention to numerous aspects of the dangers to our constitutional democracy of our continued membership of the EU, and I welcome their efforts.

I particularly wish to endorse Mr Bearby’s reference to David Cameron’s declarations that he is “fighting for the UK’s interests” in his so-called “renegotiations” of our terms of EU membership.

Throughout Cameron’s career he has demonstrated himself to be as committed a Europhile as the Labour, and (what’s left of) the Liberal Democrat parties.

Let no-one be deluded enough as to think that Cameron’s four points of negotiation are of any consequence.

Even if wholly accepted, they are matters of trivia and of no bearing on the substantive issues that should be on the table.

I urge all readers to really study the political landscape, and fully understand just what is at stake in the forthcoming “in/out” referendum.

I strongly urge everyone to vote “leave” whenever this referendum is called.

Our very democracy and sovereignty is at stake.

These are priceless concepts which must not be surrendered through a lack of understanding of the issues.

Dave Pascoe,

Ukip Press Secretary, Hartlepool Branch,

Dunbar Road,