Stand-out performance

I WAS listening to the radio on July 30.

People were commenting on the Olympic opening ceremony.

It was a shame that no-one mentioned the obviously spontaneous excitement and exhilaration of the competitors as they entered.

Nor was mentioned the ‘stand-out’ performance by the singer, Emeli Sande.

She stood alone in front of the 80,000 in the arena, and in full view of the world’s media spotlight she sang live, with no accompaniment, the full six verses of Abide with Me, the enduring stadium anthem.

Although it was slightly compromised by the sound quality of my television it was, for me, the most unforgettable part of the performance.

Notable also were the Queen’s well-chosen words, read from a card, to open the games.

I am always taken aback at the way the Queen reaches out to her subjects.

Richard McCabe,