Still plagued by eyesores

I HAVE to say I am surprised, not to say gobsmacked, that Ray Wells (Cons) is the only Hartlepool Borough Councillor who has made known publicly his dismay at the situation surrounding the decision by Mayor Drummond to take on a second full time job.

Coun Wells is to be commended for his stance on this matter.

His request for a review of the Mayoral allowance by the Independent Remuneration Panel in light of the Mayor taking up the position as chairman of the Cleveland Police Authority (CPA) is right and proper.

However I can only assume that the lack of any kind of public response from other councillors is an endorsement of the appointment of Stuart Drummond to his second full time job.

I have recently emailed 35 councillors asking their opinion on the appointment of the Mayor to the chair of the CPA and the effect that it would have on his working week for the council.

At the time of writing this letter I have had the courtesy of two replies.

Is this yet another situation where our elected councillors sit on the fence until public opinion shoves them off it, as in the case of the chief executive’s obscene pay rise, the condemnation of the overspend on the Tall Ships and the feared closure of the University Hospital of Hartlepool?

Mayor Drummond has often mentioned that the removal of the grot spots in Hartlepool was one of his priorities.

He has been in office for nine years and Hartlepool is still plagued by the number of disgusting eyesores.

If the Mayor hasn’t been able to rid us of the problem when he was working “full time” then what chance have we of seeing them removed now he has taken on his new second job?

Fred Corbett,

Boswell Grove,