Still rich tomorrow

THE latter part of Rob Meggs’s recent letter suggests a wish to return to those halcyon days of Labour rule.

Remember them?

The sun always shone, we had plenty of money, no unemployment, rosy-cheeked children danced in the streets!

Life was so good in this “land of plenty” that Labour invited millions of foreigners to join us.

Don’t worry about not speaking English, we’ll pay all your translation costs and you’ll get priority on housing.

So bring your family, not forgetting granny!

If you’re not bringing your children then give us your address and we’ll send your child benefit to your home.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are jobs aplenty here because we’ve dumbed-down education and stifled both ambition and aspiration which has led to living on benefits being a lifestyle choice for many Brits.

And how do we pay for this?

Well, we’ll sell off half our gold reserves at whatever price we can get, then we’ll raid private pension funds for £5bn per year.

People, especially those close to retirement, will complain but it’s a sacrifice they’ll just have to make.

Another cunning plan will be to tell everyone we’re cutting 2p in the pound off income tax but in reality we’ll increase the tax of the lowest paid by doubling the rate from 10p to 20p in the pound.

Imposing punitive taxes on businesses, wealth-creators and those we consider rich will also bring in more cash.

And to make up any shortfall we’ll just borrow and borrow and make repayments ad infinitum.

All you have to do in return is, when you finally acquire citizenship, tick the box for Labour in any local or national election which, when added to the vote of the scrounging fraternity, will ensure that we rule in perpetuity.

Rob Meggs finishes by accusing the “greedy toffs” for getting us into this mess, ignoring the fact that we were sliding down the greasy pole during 13 years of Labour’s utter incompetence.

It was Labour’s Liam Byrne who left a note saying that there was no money left.

Neither the Bullingdon boys nor Labour’s current hierarchy have ever done a day’s real work in their lives, in my opinion.

But the former at least know who they are and where they come from and don’t try to pretend otherwise.

However, the latter are champagne socialists who try to pretend that they empathise with the working class and understand their problems.

The truth is that if any of the above were to cease being an MP one day, they would still be in the lap of luxury the next.

Politics is about power and control and they’ll tell you anything to get your vote.

It’s just unfortunate that so many people have their brains stuck permanently in the wash-cycle of Labour’s brain-washing propaganda machine that they cannot be objective.

Bill Burchell,

Loyalty Close,