Stop people being hassled

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Why is it that a solitary busker is told by Hartlepool Borough Council officials that he is not allowed to perform at the bottom of the ramp because he is causing a nuisance, and told to move on?

Yet a company that normally has a caravan on the pavement between Hartlepool Library and Lloyds bank, so that, in my opinion, they can pester everybody that gets off buses there, is allowed to move that same caravan onto the pavement right at the bottom of the ramp, virtually touching one of the public benches.

And this, just yards from two signs on a lamp post saying that this sort of thing is not allowed.

I wasn’t a big fan of the busker.

However, I would prefer him to an ugly caravan on the pavement, table and chairs outside of it, playing music.

There are not one, but four salesmen scampering about, making sure that they catch every single person passing by, with “hello sir/madam, have you got the internet? Who are you with? How much are you paying? We can offer you ...”

They should tape themselves and play it back at home to hear how annoying they sound.

Are they exempt from the two signs saying that such a thing is not allowed?

If so, why?

Come on council, stop these people from, what I consider to be, the hassling of people walking by or sitting on the public benches, and get that caravan moved from the bottom of the ramp, preferably to Seaton tip.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,