Stop road closure nonsense

I WOULD like to comment on how disappointed I was that yet again the subject of the closure of Falcon Road warranted yet another half page article (Mail, July 16).

I am at a loss to understand why, when cuts are being made to public services, people are losing their jobs and thousand of pounds of taxpayers’ money has already been spent on excessive traffic- calming measures to placate a small number of residents, this issue has not been laid to rest.

We allegedly live in a democratic society so why, when the result of the first public consultation resulted in the majority of residents wanting the road to remain open and thousands of pounds were spent on additional traffic-calming measures, is Hartlepool Borough Council even considering, let alone undertaking, another public consultation?

Falcon Road may be busy but it is by no means the largest or busiest road in the town and it has always been one of the main access roads to the Bishop Cuthbert estate.

But there are more traffic-calming measures in place on that road and the approach to it than there are in the whole of Hart Lane, Merlin Way and Throston Grange Lane, which are also very busy roads with heavy traffic and lots more residents.

How would the council cope if every resident in the town who lived on a busy road or an alleged “rat run” insisted on not one but two public consultations on their road?

The amount of money that has been spent on this issue must be ridiculous and the council needs to think again.

Surely it is time to stop this nonsense and move on.

Sandra Hill,

Merganser Road,