Stop telling us what we want

I FEEL compelled to write in response to the article on Keith Fisher’s question to The Health Service Ombudsman (Mail, May 26).

As a resident of the East Durham catchment area of our University Hospital of Hartlepool, I’m very annoyed about the response from North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

I would like someone from that quango to tell me when I was consulted about plans for a new hospital.

Even our local Councillor, Mr Crute, isn’t aware of any such consultations, so where are the results and findings of this momentum consultation and when and where was it actually held in my region?

We have enjoyed a perfectly good, award-winning hospital at Holdforth Road, which has provided the residents of the Easington area with many years of excellent service.

So why take this away and, in doing so, force us to travel at least twice the distance to an out of town location?

I agree completely with the points raised by Keith Fisher and I would like to see our MP, Grahame Morris, taking the same action as William Hague is for his constituents as they start their fight to save Northallerton’s Friarage Hospital.

It’s about time the trust stopped telling us what we want and started listening to what we are saying loud and clear.

We don’t want a new hospital at Wynyard.

We want our services back at our hospital in Holdforth Road – starting with the return of A&E now.

Mrs W Batty,


Blackhall Colliery.