Support from Tesco?

THE purpose of this letter is to express my deep concern about the proposed loss of the bus service to the villages of Elwick and Dalton Piercy.

To some villagers, who have neither a car nor sufficient income to pay regular taxi fares to the town, this service is of huge importance, especially to some of our elderly residents when they need to get to shops, doctors, etc.

We all realise that the service runs at a loss, though it does pick up more passengers as it passes through the outskirts of the town.

Rather than cancel it altogether, couldn’t we have a less frequent service?

I have a suggestion to make.

Why not ask for some financial support from the business whose name is advertised on the destination board on the front of our bus – namely Tesco, Britain’s biggest and probably richest supermarket?

I have for a long time thought what an advantage Tesco has over the town’s other shops when our bus delivers its passengers directly onto the supermarket forecourt.

Many of us fear that, with no buses at all, Elwick village will become a place fit only for those who are fairly wealthy and also able to drive.

There will be no place for some of the older people, many of whom have lived here for most or all of their lives.

Norma Pagdin,

North Close,