Surprised by US primaries

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What do the first two American primaries show us?

On the Republican side Donald Trump is not living up to his publicity.

He is not winning the large overwhelming victories he and his supporters expected.

Also Jeb Bush is still in the race.

Both are very surprising.

The Bush political machine is still a force in American politics.

Jeb may not win the prize but he might be kingmaker or even Vice President.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton has had her nose badly pulled by Bernie Saunders, who is a lovely man but who, I suspect, will now run right out of steam.

The voters of Iowa and New Hampshire are very anti politics.

Exactly the same feelings which gave Jeremy Corbyn the leadership of the Labour Party, won Saunders the first two primaries.

However, as the candidates go into the southern states, Saunders’ support will surely fall away.

The Democrats have more sense than the newly-found members of Britain’s Labour Party, and know to pick a winner.

The Republicans want to run against Saunders as they believe they will beat him.

They will move heaven and earth to rig the Democrat nomination anyway they can.

Hillary Clinton is fighting the Republican party backers as well as Saunders even now.

Nigel Boddy,

Fife Road,