Survive in the real world

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Has the time now come for the Prime Minister (pictured) to address the BBC’s attitude on Brexit, and the overpaid celebrities who dwell within.

They know not the real world which abounds outside the sheltered world of the BBC.

At one time it was affectionately known as “auntie” to the British public, and respected.

Now it is a refuge for sanctimonious, self-righteous “luvvies” who spout their bile at everything British.

They expect their reputation and prestige to influence the public in their evaluation of modern and political issues.

Is the time now ripe for the Government to reconsider the cost of the licence fee?

Either reduce it to an acceptable cost to the public or fade it out altogether, and see how it survives in the real world of economic turmoil and political agitation.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,