Swamped by requests

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When national charities first started sending out postal requests for donations I did my best to send a small sum, £3 to £5, to those I felt to be deserving cases.

But each month the number of requests rose, one a month from some.

The pressure has now become overwhelming.

I remembered reading in the national press of the death of one pensioner who felt so over-troubled by the number of letters she received that she committed suicide.

So last year, 2015, I determined to examine the scale of the problem.

I kept every unsolicited letter of appeal that I received through the post.

They numbered 247.

How could anyone with an average income support charitable institutions at this rate?

And think of the cost of paper, postage and paid time sending out these letters.

I no longer respond to any of them. I give what I can afford only to selected, mainly local, charities which I support.

Something needs to be done to stop this onslaught before thousands of people are put off charitable giving.

Hartlepool people are the most charitable people I have come across, but I do believe that postal pressure needs constraint.

Until such time I shall “return to sender” every postal request I receive.

I encourage everyone to support the many excellent charities that are operating in our area.

S Sadler,

North Lane,