Take care of the details

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It is with sadness I read in the newspapers of the possible re-selection battles some sitting Labour MPs might have to face.

What happened to those open primaries we were promised by David Cameron?

People must join parties and keep up their party membership then they will be able to vote in those contests and select the parliamentary candidates they want.

In trade unions, in the 1960s and 1970s, a number of wild cat strikes were called.

People would just talk and talk for hours (filibuster) until only their people were left behind to vote.

When I was a branch chairman I always ended meetings by 9pm.

I had a two-hour limit on all meetings too.

I’ve never taken disagreements personally, just for having a different view to me.

I don’t think democracy can work unless you take care of the details, like starting meetings when and where arranged.

Labour’s more urgent problems are in the town halls not in Parliament.

If Labour doesn’t get rid of the “jobs for the boys” sub-culture there, they are never going to appear credible for national government.

Nigel F Boddy,

Fife Road,