Talent shining through

WE WOULD like to say a big well done to Hartlepool Stage Society on a very good show held in Hartlepool Town Hall last week.

Bad Girls was a new musical which was very, very entertaining indeed.

The whole of the society seemed to love performing this show as much as the audience enjoyed watching it.

There was everything in this show from stunning the audience into silence to making them roll in the aisle laughing.

A very brave move for the society which was very well received by a full house.

Being a follower of Hartlepool Stage Society for many, many years I can honestly say this was one of their most enjoyable, professional shows I have seen them perform.

Very strong characters, very strong singing and extremely well presented.

Some very good young talent shining through here, and I hope to see some more new and exciting ventures from the society in the future.

Great show from everyone involved. Excellent.

Mr and Mrs Hall,

Seaton Lane,