‘Tattoos’ are a disfigurement

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I can’t say I am in favour of tattoos.

Personally I consider them to be a disfigurement of the human body, and I am not alone in my aversion.

A small one perhaps, hidden discreetly from public gaze, commemorating some personal or private event is admissible.

However, to disfigure the skin with a multitude of drawings and illustrations is, to my eye, rather offensive and far from attractive.

As a case in point, a worldwide popular retired footballer, now in the prime of his life, has without doubt a beautiful athletic body, which is now partly covered with tattoos.

I do not think they favour him in terms of attractiveness.

I think, in later years he will regret his impulses in that direction.

Tattoos are purely a question of choice, either for adornment or for making a personal statement.

To my knowledge they do not have any religious or therapeutic qualities, but I’m sure statistics prove that they are way down on the list of “must-haves”.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,