Thank you for donations

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Grateful thanks are extended to everyone who has kindly donated to the pet food collections in Morrisons.

Volunteers from Local Animal Welfare have been allocated Fridays to come into the store this year instead of Saturdays.

However, the kennel-shaped container is there for anyone who wishes to leave dog/cat food for the RSPCA, Greyhound/Lurcher Rescue, King Charles Spaniel Rescue, The Cat Orphanage, Dogs Trust and Stray Aid (dog pound).

The kennel container is emptied every week by two of my dedicated helpers, Val Glass and Ian Glass, who offered immediately after my husband was not too well.

Their kindness is much appreciated.

The food is brought to my home to await representatives of the above-mentioned charities to collect it.

Kath Threlfall,


Local Animal Welfare,