The beginning?

WHEN cannons have slaughtered their share of flesh,

And the bayonets have sated their thirst.

When missiles and rockets have ceased to fly,

And the generals have done their worst.

When those that govern start to feel the pain,

And see what they have not achieved.

When death and destruction are the state of the art,

And this grand old world is down on its knees.

When hawks cease to circle in their search for prey,

And the wolves settle down in their lair.

When the doves start to spread their love of mankind,

By teaching them tolerance, restraint and due care.

When people with great ideas speak out,

Then hand them to those with the drive.

Who in turn will teach the skills we need,

To rebuild this world with pride.

Such a day will arrive, of that I’m sure,

And our faith in all things will return.

The world will rejoice at the dawn of each day,

And then peacefully sleep as it fades away.

This is the world we seek to achieve,

A world that is safe for its young.

A world reaching out in its own universe,

To teach all and one how it’s done.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,