The creation of our planet

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Millions of years ago before the human race,

A planet was born in outer space.

Amid erupting volcanoes, darkness and light,

This was earth and the beginning of life.

Vast oceans covered most of the land,

Microbes grew in the heat of the sand.

Water and sun came after the dark nights,

To feed what was to be, germs of life.

The winds blew strong and carried the seeds,

Plants grew slowly to become flowers and weeds.

Millions of years passed, with heat and ice,

On earth at last the signs of life.

There came beasts on land, birds in the sky,

As far as you could see with your eye.

Bushes and trees formed forests and woods,

Mammoths, tigers and beasts fought and shed blood.

Water was everywhere, oceans and giant waves;

Early man walked the planet, living in caves.

Life on earth did begin to form,

Many things changed from dawn to dawn.

Dinosaurs came, lived and went;

The fact is their time was spent.

The continents were joined together,

But this was not forever.

Over many years the continents split asunder,

Separated by earthquakes, rain and thunder.

In what was to be America native Indians thrived;

Aborigines lived in the south and survived.

In the north, the Arctic, Inuits lived in the bitter cold,

Living off bears, seals and whales, to grow old.

All over the world all types of races flourished,

All had different gods that they worshipped.

This was life as we know it on earth,

Ending in death and beginning with birth.

So the planet’s life was here before you could even think,

Your life on this planet is very short, it’s just a blink.

Gordon Bolam,

Tilney Road,