The dawning of a new day

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When the dawn of a new day starts breaking, and the night hurries away from the day.

Gathering up all the stars in the heavens, leaving an emerging colourful display.

The heavens change to a deep violet, then move swiftly to a light indigo.

A deep cherry red edges the clouds, as the new dawn continues its flow.

Then fingers of flame start their probing, leaping from great chariots of gold.

Pulling the sun from the depths of the earth,allowing the dawn to slowly unfold.

The sun kisses the hills in the distance, then races to the meadows below.

Changing the landscape to shades of green, and fields of corn to a golden glow.

Filtering down through leaves on the trees,then dappling the wild stream below.

Chasing the brown trout into the shade, then telling the cockerel its time to crow.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,