The elephant in the room

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In my letter (Mail, October 3) following the job losses at Redcar Steel plant, I drew attention to the principal causal factors of these losses which were almost universally being ignored by the media.

Sadly, in both your editorial and Iain Wright’s column (Mail, January 21) commenting on the further losses in Wales and, significantly, 62 in Hartlepool, it appears the EU factor is still treated as peripheral not fundamental.

Appeals for more government action to soften the blow are made even more insulting to the families affected.

The glaring truth is that, in my opinion, we are totally impotent due to the self-inflicted damage to our competitiveness willed upon us by the entire political establishment.

It supported EU treaties which saw state aid being made illegal, and the imposition of artificially high taxes on energy in pursuit of the folly of green policy.

Of course, with steel production being highly energy-intensive, this created a lethal cocktail.

Add to this already toxic mix the large-scale dumping of cheap steel in the UK by China and there you have the “perfect storm”.

The EU is very much the elephant in the room in this sorry state of affairs, as it is in so many other areas which blight our life.

You will shortly get the opportunity to get this particularly pesky pachyderm out of our affairs in the EU referendum.

I urge you all to vote that we leave the EU, and once more govern our own affairs.

Dave Pascoe,

Press Secretary,

Ukip, Hartlepool branch,

Dunbar Road,