The European adventure

WE can still get back the good times, and live in sustainable communities with honesty and mutual respect for each other, providing good community services free or subsidised at the point of delivery, but only if we all make a supreme effort.

We have lost control of our borders and we must get back in charge of them immediately.

If we have to come out of the European adventure to regain control of our borders then so be it.

If there is to be an NHS and a welfare state in Britain, we are being forced by European intransigence to come out of the EU and substitute our relationship with Europe for a free trade deal of the type currently being offered to the USA.

Others have taken advantage of our hospitality and generosity of spirit.

Whilst it is in our own interest to help others it must be on our own terms and not theirs.

Nigel Boddy,

Fife Road,