The force is with Theresa

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Our newly appointment Prime Minister, Theresa May, has surfaced as the tour de force this country has needed for some time.

The reshuffle of her Cabinet was immediate, decisive and exacting in its execution.

It shocked a large number of complacent members.

This lady means business and her performance to date has exemplified the fact.

Her Parliamentary Question Time was a demonstration of her command concerning every-day and worldly affairs, performed in a business-like and forthright manner.

Hapless Jeremy Corbyn withered under her sharp tongue with hardly a response.Given time under her stewardship and carefully chosen Cabinet, we shall witness a revitalised and prosperous Britain emerge with the pro-referendum bemoaners trailing in the wake of defeatism.

The eventual forecasted and long-awaited demise of the EU, most probably as a result of bankruptcy, will prove the point.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,