The last stand of yellow hair

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Glimpsed upon his sturdy mare,

Brought the soldier’s gaping stare.

Pitched aloft with kingly air,

Rode the bold crusader fair.

High and mighty proud and brash

Came the long-haired charger stash.

Shining boots and buckskin fair,

Golden braid seen everywhere.

Onward, charge, the booming voice

Was the blond-haired soldier’s choice.

First to kill the native clan;

The more we kill the more we can.

Alas for him he hadn’t known

There in front, in armour sewn,

Thousands came to stand and fight,

And kill the white man out of sight.

Swarmed aloft the native dared,

On Bighorn ridge no-one was spared.

Custer stood among his men,

To fight his last no more again.

Remember well the native proud,

Who left his mark a tortured shroud.

His pride to colour his native land,

This once almighty warrior band.