The legacy of Tony Blair

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A great deal of news has been printed over Blair and Brown’s disastrous premierships.

The latest outlines very precisely how Blair’s folly allowed passports and open-door entrance to all and sundry, without proper border inspections or checks.

The resultant mayhem is now apparent for all to see.

Untold problems for our society, not least the criminal element that exploited our system and soft judicial sentencing.

One man has caused all of these problems. Has he been admonished, brought to account, penalised, fined or ostracised for his blundering misdeeds? He has not.

But he still expects presidential treatment wherever he goes.

It is my belief that, at this juncture, our heritage and way of life started to degenerate to an all-time low. Surely there must be some justice in this world?

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,