The moon and the stars

editorial image

When the moon and the stars are hiding,

And the canopy of black cloud is low.

When wild winds whip and lash one’s face,

And eyes are blinded by freezing snow.

When it seems the whole world is against me,

Friends are few and far away.

When confidence is shattered and scattered,

And doubt surrounds every step of the way.

Now is the time I need your strength,

Your undying support and steadying hand.

To guide me through this torturous labyrinth,

Into the sunlight of the promised land.

Am I still the woman of your dreams,

The one you pursued and gently persuaded?

The one you will love till the end of time,

The one you so eloquently serenaded?

If once again the answer is yes,

And your support is there for the taking;

Then I will lean and depend on you,

Until the moon and stars re-awaken.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,