The very best bridge of all

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All bridges are made for people

To walk over, to run over or ride.

To stand on and look down into water,

Or to walk under in the shade and hide.

Some span small streams and gullies,

Others cross wide open ravines.

Some soar over wide, flowing rivers,

And others over motorway scenes.

The one arching across Sydney harbour

Is a picture of elegance and beauty.

It enhances the view of the Opera House;

To the “diggers” the Coathanger is dinky.

The Golden Gate bridge is a classic,

And sways many feet side to side.

Sweeping high over the Golden Straits,

It’s a breath-taking sight and wonderful ride.

But the best of bridges are invisible,

And their engineering is socially great.

Building trust between countries and people,

Carrying away all their mistrust and hate.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,