They need good luck

I WOULD like to reply to George Maiden’s letter, headlined Not just the ticket, about what is going on at Hartlepool United.

I totally agree with his comments regarding giving contracts to players who are not good enough and letting players go who gave their all.

I am like you, Mr Maiden.

After 40 years of supporting the club I have not renewed my season ticket.

And I have no intention of doing so until I see what signings we make, if we make any.

IOR does not seem to be trying to build a team worth watching.

It’s very keen to buy the ground.

But it’s no good having a half decent stadium without a team worth watching.

Good luck to Colin Cooper and Craig Higgnet.

They are going to need it with the standard of players on the books at the moment.

Kevin Dove,

Hirdman Grove,