Throw away that crutch

I HAVE never seen so many people on crutches and walking sticks.

A fellow lives near me. I saw him walking on crutches.

The same person four hours later was using a walking stick.

Two hours later he was coming out of the beer shop - no crutches or stick, just a 12-pack of lager.

On Wednesday a bus pulled up at the baths.

A fellow who I know ran across the road and then produced a crutch, and a limp.

I went for my pension at the Post Office.

I said to a man: “Why don’t you throw away that crutch?

“I have seen you many times coming out of the club, walking fine.”

He went out of the Post Office straight to the off licence, and came out with two carriers of ale.

The Government should have undercover vans with cameras and they would catch a load of them.

B Tumilty,

Middleton Road,