Tighten the whole system

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The latest shambles of Home Office officialdom is now prevalent in the latest pretence of Calais migrant checkpoints.

Some of these strapping, well-built youngsters claiming to be children is just absurd.

They should not pass muster under any circumstances.

Unless some intelligent professional is instigated in the procedure of choice, the whole conception will turn out to be a shambles.

A line-up of military personnel to most parties is always a daunting sight.

Migrants having to face this would be the first step, and identifying age, country of origin, and so on.

Should they be accepted there should be a stringent follow-up, including fingerprinting and photographing, before release into this country.

Of course, there will be well-rehearsed stories of relatives or friends already established in Britain, which should be scrutinised closely.

All of which takes time.

Our lax border controls in the past have always been questionable.

It’s time the whole system be tightened to some creditability.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,