Tightening their belts

I FEEL sorry for people having to pay bedroom taxes through no fault of their own.

If there are no smaller houses available they shouldn’t have to pay.

Today we have different conceptions of habitation.

I belong in the two-up, two-down era when you were expected to share your bedrooms.

My sister and I were in one bed, my brothers in another in the same room.

It was fantastic.

When we moved to Owton Manor my brothers got their own room.

We had a bathroom, inside toilet and a garden.

These things are taken for granted now, along with central heating, etc.

Then it was a clippy mat to cover the floor.

Anyhow, I’m getting away from the subject.

If there is smaller housing, people should be rehoused before they have to pay bedroom tax.

Then they can decide if they want to pay the extra for a larger property.

Unfortunately people trying to get on the property ladder are also faced with the same decisions.

I feel so sorry for both.

It’s the economic climate that’s making everyone tighten their belts.

O Ward,

Spalding Road,