Time Mayor got a grip on situation

I WONDER, does Hartlepool Borough Council consider the residents of Hartlepool to be mindless fools?

Our illustrious Mayor seems to be proud of the fact that he asked our chief executive to take an additional four weeks’ unpaid leave at a “personal cost to him of £13,000”.

This figure is before tax. Therefore the personal cost will be much lower, probably less than £10,000 depending upon his tax relief.

The remainder is money which will be lost by the Inland Revenue.

Far more relevant is the fact that his salary remains at £168,000 per annum, the figure which will be used to calculate payments into his pension scheme paid for by, of course, the council.

The additional four weeks’ leave on top of his annual entitlement of, I guess, six weeks, makes a total of 10 weeks away from his job.

If you include bank holidays, a further two weeks, this brings it up to 12 weeks.

Then the Mayor keeps going on about all the job cuts.

I wonder if we will ever know the positions that have been cut off?

I, like many other people, despair when I read of the goings on in our council, and wonder how they would survive, or even get a job, in private industry where you are more accountable for the success or otherwise of your actions and certainly the running costs of your operation.

This council has assistants to assistants with, I am sure, the same job descriptions.

It is high time the Mayor got a firmer grip of the situation or perhaps leave and go on a lecture tour talking about climate change.

A Newton,

Wilton Avenue,