Time starting to run out

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When our politicians talk about the stress being placed on our services, they pay little regard to the massive growth in population, both here and around the world, as being a major factor in the issue.


Could it be that global manufacture and trade requires a burgeoning and growing consumer base for big business to be profitable?

As modern production processes are able to make products very quickly and cheaply, so margins are squeezed with a limited market place.

Everyone can see that unfettered increases in numbers is the critical factor all over the world.

It is placing massive strain on the natural resources, water and food, the real catalyst to population movements, for which Syria is only one of the drivers.

We need to encourage a reduction in this growth if we are going to provide the kind of services we deserve and need for our citizens.

Much of the failings are due to the numbers and rapid rate of change, which is making planning and provision so difficult.

If we do not address the elephant in the room and talk in earnest about solving it we are heading for a catastrophic situation for us all.

Our planet has a finite amount of water and a limit to the capacity to grow food to feed us.

We need to protect that ability.

We already have huge lakes in Africa and Russia that have shrunk to a fraction of their size in less than half a century, so time is running out.

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,